What to Take.



It’s impossible these days to travel without any sort of electronics especially since they make life so much easier. Unfortunately, they’re also the heaviest and most expensive items in your pack. Deciding what you need beforehand is slightly more crucial since it’s harder to get quality electronics abroad.

**There are links to items mentioned on this page. I've used these items before and found them useful during my travels. If you found any of this information useful and are interested in purchasing any of these items please consider purchasing through these links as they help support the site and it doesn't cost you anything extra!


Laptops are heavy no matter how light you go and unless you plan to consistently update a blog, edit photos, or work remotely then I would not recommend bringing one. A tablet is a good alternative so you can have some form of entertainment during long bus/train/plane rides.

Recommended Laptop: Asus Zenbook US305A

Smart Phone:

A smart phone has so many useful functions that it’s almost impossible not to bring one. I’ve never used it as an actual phone while traveling but it’s indispensible in so many other ways. You’ve got a music player, camera, alarm clock, gps, flashlight, notepad, and so much more. The photo quality these days is phenomenal and it’s certainly the easiest way to capture images. This reason alone should be enough.


You really can’t beat a kindle for its weight and storage space for books.

Hard Drives:

You probably won’t need these unless you have really big raw photo files that you need to back up. Gopro owners might want to carry one, since files, especially protunes files, take up quite a lot of space. I carry two identical drives with one in each bag in the event one of the bags is stolen. Packing an extra drive also acts as insurance against physical damage or data corruption.

Recommended Hard Drive: WD Passport

Flash Drive:

Flash drives are incredibly light and cheap so there’s no reason not to carry at least one. It’s good to have so you can share music or other files with people you meet.

Recommended Flash Drive: Samsung 128Gb

Power Bank:

This is certainly not necessary but nice to have especially if you're out all day and running low on battery for your phone, camera, audio recorders, etc.

Recommended Power Bank: Anker Powercore 10000


If you’re bringing a laptop charger try to avoid bringing ones where the transformer is part of the prongs going into the wall. Sometimes the outlets are loose and can’t take the additional weight.

3.5mm to 3.5mm Cable:

Useful when you rent cars or when you’re in the tour vehicle and can’t stand that the driver is playing his only CD on repeat.


I constantly lose my headphones so I always purchase a cheap pair.

Recommended Headphones: Symphonized 

Power Plug Adapters:



Get separate adapters or a set that snaps together and avoid the huge all in one device. The all in one adapters don’t always stay in the outlets because of their weight. Keep in mind these just change the prongs so you can plug in devices to wall outlets in different countries. They do not convert voltage.

Recommended Travel Adapter: Targus Travel Adapter Set